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TheBusRide.comThis site intends to show everybody the way around the World Wide Web, hence the connection with a bus who gives a guided tour. In practice, it is a repository of links that are spread throughout the categories that we all readily associate with resources such as Digg or Delicious (Technology, Sports, Educational… you get the drift), and the content itself is also voted by users of the site.

The one difference is that instead of digs the key concepts here are that of miles traveled and tips.

So, to all intents and purposes this is a social bookmarking site. And I am afraid that in terms of innovation it brings little to the table. Still, it must be said that its homepage features an eclectic collection of links, and that current items are duly touched upon. You might think that should be taken for granted in a site of this nature, but I can tell you based on my personal experience that is not always the case. So, good marks where they are deserved, notwithstanding the fact the service on the whole is not that unique or indispensable. In Their Own Words

“Guided paths through the web!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Newcomers to the WWW could probably use the guidance and counseling.

Some Questions About

Has this really got a fighting chance?

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