The Top 10 Food Startups of 2022

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Having a successful startup is one thing. But having a startup that revolves around food and isn’t yet widely known? That’s another. Because having one of these successful food startups lets you deliver deliciousness to your customers, rather than just the same old product.

And whether it’s a delivery service for fresh food or something pre-prepared that can be heated up for later, these food startups can be a real treat for those looking for a more affordable meal.

With that, let’s take a closer look at the ten best food startups you can find in the business world in 2022. Just make sure you bring some napkins.

Kicking Off the Food Startups, It’s Sun Basket!

First off, we have this San Francisco-based food startup, which offers a variety of delivery options for consumers to enjoy. That said, there is something that makes them stand out from other services – they’re all about being healthy. Sun Basket provides a number of healthy, organic ingredients that allow you to make much healthier dishes than you’d find in other markets. For those of you looking to shed a few pounds, or just eat less junk, this is the way to go.

Bizzy Coffee

Prefer some coffee in your line-up of food start-ups? Don’t worry, there’s a key choice for that, and they’re much different from Starbucks. This Minneapolis-themed coffee service offers a number of cold brew and coffee products for others to enjoy. Feel like making your own? Well, you can do that as well, with the help of brew kits sold separately. Stop by and find yourself something to help you wake up for your day!


So are you nuts about nuts? Then consider this the king of the food startups for you. Nutpods, based in Bellevue, Washington, offers alternative milk products that are sure to drive you, well, nuts! These include nut and oat milk, as well as different types of coffee and tea creamer, and much more. They’re all gluten-free and non-GMO as well, and perfect for vegans. Head over to the website at the link above and go…crazy! (You thought we were going to say “nuts” again, didn’t you?)


Looking to get some groceries but want to support the farmers that grow it themselves? Then this is one of the food startups you don’t want to miss! Farmstead searches for groceries that are offered directly through farmers, with delivery brought right to your door. In addition, you can also look up recipes in case you feel like something different.


Let’s say you’re looking for a healthy alternative to beverages, but the other food startups aren’t getting the job done. Where can you look? How about New York’s own Leilo? This business provides a number of drinks that are super-powered by kava, with various choices available. You’re sure to find something that’s your flavor, so visit the link above and shop around!

Everything Legendary

We’re not sure what food startups would have “legendary” in their name, but apparently Everything Legendary earns its keep. Planted in the heart of Lanham, Maryland, this business is all about plant-based products, that are ideal for those that can’t eat soy and want to avoid gluten. It’s a healthy choice and one that’s pretty easy to put together an order for. Now that should be the stuff of legend.

Fig (Food Is Good)

This latest addition to our food startups list isn’t about all things fig. Instead, Fig (Food Is Good) is all about finding the right ingredients and dishes for those that are looking to do some dietary good for themselves. By creating a profile, you can see what foods are best based on your restrictions, and then line up what dishes will suit you best. Shed those pounds thanks to the power of Fig!


Ready for a different kind of energy drink? Then this should be on your “must-shop” list of food startups. Despite the playful name, Recess is all about finding the drinks to provide “balance and clarity” to consumers. These include sparkling water with hemp ingredients, as well as various types of drink powder. Stop by and get something to take a swig of!

Chef Avenue

So let’s say you don’t necessarily want to buy dishes from food startups, but are more in the mood to create your own. Enter Chef Avenue, based out of San Jose, California. Put together by Seema Shenoy, this startup allows you to buy cookware, including the super-rad Omnipan. If you’re in a cooking mood, this startup is for you.

And Finally for Food Startups — Banza!

Last but certainly not least, there’s Banza, one of the best food startups out there if you’re a pasta lover. That’s right, all this company offers is all things pasta, but the various types it has available are startling and satisfying. Don’t be surprised if you stock up on about $100 worth, because this site will definitely make you hungry.

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