Go Back In Time With The Museum Of Endangered Sounds

museum of endangered sounds
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Today’s Killer Startup: Museum of Endangered Sounds


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Elevator Pitch:

The Museum of Endangered Sounds is a collection of tech sounds that are no longer a part of our daily lives.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

I cover a lot of different types of sites in this column. I talk about travel apps, timezone calculators, natural beauty supply companies, and remote working job boards, just to name a few. I like to cover a wide range of companies that could be useful to you, reader, because 1. I know that you probably have a range of tastes, as I do and, 2. there are so many cool startups today!


Well, today I’m going to take a slight detour from the useful startup category and bring something that I think falls more under the category of art. The Museum of Endangered Sounds is a delightful little site that brings you a bunch of “endangered” sounds from tech of the past. While that might sound silly, I found myself smiling after less than a minute on the site, as I explored noises that used to be a part of my daily life but are simply gone now.


For example, remember what it sounded like when you opened AIM to chat? Or the sound of your Tamagotchi pet? What about that Windows 95 startup music?


Memories can be triggered in so many ways. All of these sounds brought back at least one little tidbit from my past. Combined with the cool animations on the site, the Museum of Endangered Sounds might not be useful, but it sure is a lot of fun. Go check out the sounds from your childhood that you didn’t even know you missed, either one-by-one or all at once, in the Museum of Endangered Sounds.



Rediscover the sounds of your past with The Museum of Endangered Sounds #savethesounds


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