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Ah, Colorado. Easily one of the best states out there when it comes to overall growth. It’s seen an exponential amount of residents move there over the past few years, and its business side has really taken off. Not to mention it’s an incredible sports town between the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, and Colorado Avalanche. So, how does it fare when it comes to the Colorado startup scene?

Surprisingly, quite well. With the growth of the business market as a whole, startups have multiplied quite a bit within the state. And they just keep growing and growing. Here now are a list of the Colorado startup companies to watch in the years ahead. (Might give you enough time to move and figure out a business of your own!)

Boom Supersonic is the Top Colorado Startup

A business revolving around jets taking off in Colorado? That’s right. This company, originally founded in 2014, has found its heading as a commercial aircraft manufacturer. Consisting of just under 250 employees, it’s created a huge space for itself with its products, including aircraft that specialize in both speed and safety. It continues to operate for a number of airlines today, proving that all you need to create that “boom” is some dedication and know-how. That makes them a premiere Colorado startup.


These days, it can be tough to get affordable health care. In fact, there’s not really any policy out there that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. But the team at DispatchHealth looks to make a difference in that field. In operation since 2013, it stands as one of the premier mobile health companies, using both virtual and in-house agents to provide comfort for people in the privacy of their homes. It can be a bit expensive, sure, but it’s also practical for those that have a tough time leaving the house, especially with COVID pandemic. With a team of over 1,000 employees, DispatchHealth has no trouble meeting up with customer demand.

The housing market is tricky nowadays, especially with inflation. Fortunately, there are startup agencies willing to lend a hand, like the Colorado startup Created in 2016 and consisting of a team of around 100 people, this company specializes in helping potential home buyers by making no-cost all-cash offers. That, in turn, takes some of the hassle out of buying a home, so they can get right to the business of it. It’s not for everyone, but those looking to call Colorado their home should turn to this helpful crew.

Scythe Robotics

Let’s say you’re looking for a new hobby, one which involves robotics and taking things off-road. Expensive? Sure. But absolutely worth it if you can find the right thing to take outdoors – and maybe even put up against others. With Scythe Robotics, the future is now. Established in 2018, this company is all about creating autonomous technologies built specifically around off-road environments. They’re tried and tested and true, and while not cheap, they’re made with high-end tools across a team of 50 people. It’s one of the better robotic Colorado startup companies out there, so check them out.


Opopop first opened in 2018. This company puts together products that specialize in popcorn. And considering it’s one of the world’s most popular snacks (not to mention very low in calories, save for buttered and caramel and other flavors), it has a lot of consumers interested in getting their pop on. If it’s a yummy treat you’re after or you just want to try a new snack, it never hurts to see what Opopop has in its kernel assets.

Mentor Spaces

Finally, the last company on our Colorado startup list is one that can help minorities find work. Mentor Spaces began its run in 2020 under founders Chris Motley and Kunal Parbadia, with a team of 50 in tow. Its purpose? Using community-based tools to help businesses in finding new minority employees to join their ranks. For good measure, they also provide services in which they receive help on how to keep those employees. It’s a good relations-based Colorado startup that lends a helping hand where needed. Additionally, it gives jobs to those who need them right now.

Want to Open a Colorado Startup?

Think you’ve got what it takes to make the next great Colorado startup in your area? Head down to Denver (or one of the other popular cities) and take a look around. It just might be the next place you call home. For more startups across the country, check out our website.

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