The Metaverse Now Has Hyper-Realistic 3D NFTs

Vadim Titov, CEO & Founder
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There exists a significant challenge that has been holding back the full potential of digital realms – the absence of high-quality and realistic 3D NFT (Non-Fungible Token) models. As the metaverse industry continues to gain momentum, the need for immersive and visually captivating experiences is more crucial than ever. This is where AlternoNFT steps in, offering a groundbreaking solution that simplifies the integration of intricate 3D NFT models into virtual environments. In this article, we’ll explore the problem that AlternoNFT aims to solve, the startup’s mission and progress, and its vision for the future of metaverses.


The Problem

Metaverses and virtual reality environments have long been touted as the future of digital interaction, offering limitless possibilities for gaming, entertainment, education, and even commerce. However, there’s a glaring issue that hinders the widespread adoption and success of these virtual spaces – the lack of accessible, high-quality 3D NFT models.

In the current landscape, creating 3D assets for metaverses is a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. The absence of a dedicated marketplace for metaverse-ready 3D collectibles further exacerbates this issue. Users struggle to find realistic or stylized 3D NFT models, understand how to use them, and navigate the intricacies of buying and selling in this emerging market. The result is that many metaverses appear empty, unrealistic, and lacking the immersive experiences they promise.

The Solution: AlternoNFT

AlternoNFT, a startup founded in 2023, has set out to bridge this crucial gap in the metaverse and virtual reality space. Headquartered in Cyprus, AlternoNFT is the brainchild of Vadim Titov, CEO and founder, and Vladislav Danchenko, Chief Marketing Officer. Their mission is clear – to empower digital creators and metaverse users with a 3D NFT marketplace solution.

At its core, AlternoNFT aims to simplify integrating complex and realistic 3D NFT models into virtual environments. By doing so, they make metaverse access more straightforward for creators and users. The startup introduces versatile business models that center around using 3D elements as NFTs, enhancing the very fabric of these digital universes.

3d model

Progress and Current Status

The AlternoNFT team brings a wealth of experience, having developed various systems and projects for retail, blockchain, and services over many years. They have been involved with metaverses for over two decades, witnessing the evolution of virtual worlds from their nascent stages. As virtual reality headsets and processing power improved, the allure of these virtual worlds grew stronger. With a background in creating projects for VR sites, AlternoNFT is well-equipped to introduce new users to these digital realms, providing them with fresh and realistic experiences.

The startup has already made significant strides, with 1.8 million 3D models available and five partnerships with prominent metaverse platforms. These partnerships enable the seamless transfer of 3D models across metaverse environments. AlternoNFT’s current capabilities include:

  1. Helping 3D model sellers access and monetize the NFT market through digital art.
  2. Enabling the easy integration of 3D NFT objects into various metaverse and virtual reality headsets.
  3. Integration with AR/VR environments, such as Meta and Apple headsets.

Inspiring Story

Vladislav Danchenko, AlternoNFT’s Chief Marketing Officer, shares his journey into the world of technology and the inspiration behind the startup. His passion for technology and synthetic worlds led him to realize that a platform connecting 3D model creators, metaverse users, and companies could bridge the gap between these entities, allowing them to harness the power of NFTs.

Inspiration from Legends: Steve Jobs

AlternoNFT looks up to legendary figures in the technology industry, particularly Steve Jobs. The impact of Steve Jobs on the tech world and his ability to revolutionize entire industries remain a significant source of inspiration for the startup. Just as Apple has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation, AlternoNFT seeks to do the same in the world of NFTs and metaverses.

The Future of AlternoNFT

Looking ahead, AlternoNFT envisions a future with more than 5 million 3D elements and partnerships with over 10 metaverses by 2024. They aim to scale their operations, forge more connections with artists, and become the primary supplier of 3D elements for VR devices, including Apple and Meta headsets. With the advent of features like the iPhone’s 3D scanning, users can monetize their everyday experiences by creating realistic NFTs. The possibilities for NFT objects are limited only by imagination and technical resources, opening up new avenues for creativity and commerce in the metaverse.

In conclusion, AlternoNFT aims to transform the metaverse and virtual reality landscape by making realistic 3D NFT models more accessible and user-friendly. As they continue to grow and innovate, the future of metaverses looks set to be richer, more immersive, and more dynamic than ever before.


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