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The Fetchnotes Guys Who Sang For Their Startup Supper

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There’s a trend happening with cloud-based applications where there is an “edit together” feature that allows you to collaborate with partners, in real-time, so you know they got your message. No, “I didn’t get the message” excuses anymore.


This is exactly what the guys over at Fetchnotes what to achieve with their Twitter-like simple, social, note-taking app.



Chad and Alex, the co-founders, even sang karaoke to fundraise the project. I’ll get to that later.


First, the 21-year-olds behind the note-sharing startup.


Chad and Alex and the note-taking dilemma

Alex Schiff and Chase Lee are the young guys from Michigan who wanted to find away to make our note-taking and sharing lives easier. This is the simple concept behind their app, Fetchnotes.


Fun facts about the guys—Alex is a huge University of Michigan fan that hopes to climb Mount Roraime before he’s 25. Chase has a car named Bruiser and hopes to beat Alex to the top of the mountain. Typical competitive start-up dudes.



Fetchnotes are our friends

For the stream of consciousness note jotter who has a to-do list that requires friends to be checked off, Fetchnotes will the be the answer to your productive prayers.


The app is simple, but it stands out with some seriously cool features. The way it works is Alex and Chase will have a shared hashtag, when Chase hashtags a note, Alex will receive it as well. When the note is updated, both will be informed. Simple as that.



The app is excellent for small groups that need to share notes but don’t need the complexities of a large doc-sharing application like Googledocs. Fetchnotes has the simple, social sharing feel of Twitter, which, according to Chase and Alex has cut down their emails by 90%.


That’s what I call note-taking efficiency.

But, how did Chase and Alex manage to pay their team of servers and engineers with only free app offering revene? The method is definitely worth mentioning.



“Sweet Home Application”

The guys took their fundraising efforts to the bar. The karaoke bar, that it. Earlier this year they set-up a page on Gumroad, the awesome site that let’s you share and sell whatever you want with your followers.


The guys promised to sing any karaoke tune you requested in exchange for a $1 or more donation to the site. The pair sold it by saying “you don’t want to miss how bad we are.” It worked.  They managed to raise enough for four months of server costs and keep Fetchnotes on the road to real investment success.



Too bad the karaoke requests aren’t being taken anymore. I would probably throw a little Britney Spears at them. Chase, Alex and “Oops, I Do it Again? Yeah, I’d pay $1 for that.


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