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The Biggest Unicorn Startup Companies

unicorn startup
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No, a unicorn startup isn’t a company that’s devoted to breaking back the long-lost mythical creature. (Though, honestly, they’d probably have a pretty good run on the market.) No, a unicorn startup is actually one that’s far different from others, mainly because they’ve already built an established value of over $1 billion.

Granted, at that point, some may consider calling such a company a “corporation” given the size of a bank account. However, surprisingly enough, a number of these unicorn startup companies still have a smaller sense of business. In other words, they continue to keep the logistics of a startup without actually showing the budget of a startup.

So, yes, in its own sense, a unicorn startup is something special. But what are some of the best ones on the market right now? Let’s take a look at a few examples of this from around the world.

Bytedance Has the Unicorn Startup Business All Figured Out

Located in China, ByteDance has its technological game down to a science. It specializes in social content platforms, offering a number of programs across different languages and cultures. In case you’re not familiar, it’s also the developer behind one of the most popular apps on the planet. You might have heard of it – it’s TikTok. And considering millions of people post there on a regular basis, it’s no surprise they’re off to great success.

The company currently holds an asset total of well over 14.5 billion, so, sure, they’ve become the most dynamic unicorn startup in the world. It also has a large employee count, tallying well over 110,000 people. That said, however, it continues to keep its focus on the people, particularly with the messages and media tools it provides to its millions of consumers.

Don’t be surprised if Bytedance continues to wow users in the years ahead, especially with TikTok still running at a rapid pace on a number of computers and handheld devices. Who knows, it could have another great app in the works as well.

Stripe Is the Kind of Startup That Pays to Utilize

Electronic payments are all the rage these days, with millions of businesses using them to securely pay consumers. So it doesn’t hurt to have a unicorn startup that can properly do the numbers and generate millions as a result. Enter Stripe.

Based in the United States, this startup has generated a whopping 2.2 billion over the past few years, making it a remarkable example of a successful unicorn startup. It’s a service used by a number of companies, including startups and Fortune 500 types alike. Its goal? Using its software for clients to provide payments and utilize management tools to get the most out of their work day. It’s like an online accountant that can help you set up things very nicely.

With a number of clients under its belt – including Amazon, SalesForce, and Shopify – Stripe is certainly winning people over. And as 2023 settles in, it’s likely to keep the cash flowing.

SpaceX Is Shooting for the Stars

Say what you want about Elon Musk and his way of thinking. However, he’s a genius when it comes to innovating the field of exploratory space. That means running SpaceX to a tee, with programs that continue to innovate.

With $6.7 billion raised and a valuation reaching over $100 billion, SpaceX has really taken flight over the years. This includes manufacturing its own fleet of advanced spacecraft and rockets, while also designing them for sleekness. It’s worked with a number of clients on their launches as well, making them extremely viable for business. And with Musk’s know-how at the helm, that isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon.

SpaceX keeps growing with its ongoing innovations and designs, and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

What Other Startups Should We Watch For?

There are so many unicorn startup companies out there that it’s not even funny. We could literally list a thousand here that make a huge difference in the business world. With that, we’ll name a select few.

For those seeking a smoking alternative, Juul provides better materials for people to relax with. Meanwhile, over in India, FlipKart provides a number of shopping tools that make it simple for thousands of consumers to find what they need – and without flipping their actual carts. And, finally, Epic Games dominates the video game world, thanks to its own online game store and a variety of hit titles. These include favorites like Fortnite and Rocket League with many more to come.

No matter which kind of unicorn startup you’re looking for, there are many established ones changing the startup game as we know it. And that list keeps growing with even more and more successes. Keep an eye on these folks. They’re going places!

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