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Discover The Best Curated Content – Or Create Your Own – With Cubecamp

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Where do you go to find the best content on the web? Do you turn to your Facebook Newsfeed? Email blasts? Medium? All of the above and then some?


If you’re an “information junkie” like founder Aleksandrs Dudarevs of Cubecamp, your answer is probably that last one. There’s so much great content available today that it can be really hard to figure out what you should spend your limited time on. There’s more information out there than ever before – so how do you choose?


Aleksandrs’ solution was actually more along the lines of “then some.” Cubecamp is a brand new site that focuses on curating the best of the best online. The curators are folks who know their areas best, experts in the field who create curated content lists for you to check out when you have the time.


Basically, they know way more than the random crap the Facebook Newsfeed algorithm has been feeding you.


Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 11.57.07 AM


Cubecamp is also international, currently supporting both Russian and English digests. Aleksandrs told me that they’re excited to add more languages as they grow.


“From the very beginning we made localization simple, and we currently support two languages for the interface – English and Russian,” he said. “We believe that this will allow us to provide authors with access to their local communities and are looking forward to adding more languages.”


Cubecamp is already making waves in Russia, where they were featured on the country’s biggest startup-focused site. While I can’t personally check out what was written ‘cause Russian is, unfortunately, not on my list of languages I know, I’m excited to see how they start to penetrate the English-language scene as more and more people get on board.


So are you an expert? Maybe you know a lot about tech or read a lot of feminist websites. Build up your own brand through curated content by heading over to Cubecamp and getting started with a digest of your own.


All of us other information junkies thank you in advance.


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