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Thankuz.comServices like Thankuz are more necessary than ever at a time in which a tremendous amount of our daily interactions take place online. Thankuz is here to let us show our gratitude to those who have done something nice for us, in a way that transmits as much warmth as a digitalmessage or communication could ever transmit. This service enables users to pick from lots of templates and themes, and use these to generate an effusive “thank you” message in little time. Once that is ready, this message can be delivered to its intended recipient via email, Twitter or Facebook.

Other aspects of the message that are left to the user are the inclusion (or not) of images, and (obviously-enough) the font itself that will be used. But it must be noted that the typefaces that are available for composing a message all have a handwritten feel to them.

I know that a site like this might come across as a bit superfluous to some, but I strongly disagree with those who think like that. The way we communicate today has lessened certain sides of human relationships. Messaging each other through the Internet or by sending SMSes has accustomed everybody to expect less when he should be expecting more. Services like Thankuz (and others like ThankThankNotes) will hopefully show people how not to lose that vital human touch that should be present in all kinds of interactions. In Their Own Words

Send instant thank you’s to friends, family, colleagues, even celebrities or random special people.

Some Questions About

How popular can this become? How can young people (IE, the ones who could be benefited by something like Thankuz the most) be more easily enticed?

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