How to submit? – Send Handwritten Thank You Notes

ThankThankNotes.comTo many, instant messages and email have but marked the end of written communications. That such a thing has happened can be objected from many valid angles.

Yet, we also have to concede that the ones who don’t send handwritten messages any longer do that owing to practical reasons and nothing else. I am sure that a very representative percentage of them would say they would write things down themselves if they had the time.

Which brings me to this startup. Thank Thank Notes is a service whereby you can have a “Thank You” note handwritten, stamped and sent out by the company for you.

Such a service can be put both to professional and personal uses, obviously. You can thank the ones you do business with for their professionalism, you can congratulate a couple of friends who just got wed… there are a hundred uses I can think of, and I bet the same applies to you. And I am sure that every use we could come up with would be an unquestionably good one. In Their Own Words

“Be remarkable in this era of instant-messaging and email by sending handwritten thank you notes. Get started in 5 minutes.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you say “Thank you” both to your business contacts and to your loved ones in a way that is far more memorable than just sending out an email.

Some Questions About

Will languages other than English be supported later on?

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