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ThankfulFor.comDo you have a personal diary? Do you think that you are too old to start keeping one? You might be wrong because this is a different kind of online diary you can use in order to write your ideas about what you are thankful for. Therefore this is like a personal gratitude journal that will be beneficial for many people that need to remember that life has positive values and that there are always good things happening around us.

Life gives you the option to choose if you are going to see only the negative things or if you will try to focus on each day’s shining moments in order to feel alive. This solution is going to be a good tool for you if you want to change your life and the world around you.

I know that I could sound a bit too romantic but the truth is that there is at least one single thing in the world that you can be thankful for now. You can use this diary just for yourself and remembering that life can be good, or if you prefer you can tell the world at large via Twitter. What are you going to do? In Their Own Words

“Thankfulfor is a microblogging site focused on gratitude. People come to our site, enter up to 140 characters about what they are thankful for and post them. Each item goes to their personal “journal” of thanks, which can either be private or public. People can also choose to send each Thankfulfor post to their social networks on Twitter (Facebook coming soon!), spreading the good vibes far and wide.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will help people to remember the good things in their life.

Some Questions About

Is this site going to evolve into a dynamic community and organize events for its members?

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