Telos Offers A Coach-Led Revolution in Online Dating

Lynn and Alyssa
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In response to the common frustrations experienced by singles on conventional dating apps, Telos has introduced an innovative approach to online dating. The startup offers a coach-led online singles community to create a space where genuine connections flourish, friendships develop organically, and like-minded individuals discover meaningful relationships.

Telos seeks pioneering members

Telos has recently launched its online platform, and the website is now accessible to the public. The startup actively seeks new members, beta testers, and potential investors who share their vision for transforming the online dating landscape.

Lynn Sparks and the pursuit of connection

At the core of Telos is the inspiring journey of its founder, Lynn Sparks. Fueled by a passion for fostering connections that transcend the ordinary, Lynn’s career in health, lifestyle, and couples coaching evolved into an exploration of hypnotherapy. Her dedication to understanding the intricacies of human connection led to a four-year journey, earning a degree in psychology with a focus on life and relationship coaching.

Lynn’s experiences navigating dating sites fueled her determination to create a coach-led online dating site and singles community. Telos emerged as a digital haven where high-caliber, like-minded singles seek connections that go beyond the superficial, guided by a visionary who understands the depth and beauty within authentic human bonds. Lynn’s journey serves as a testament to transforming personal challenges into inspiration for a world hungry for profound connections.

Inspiration from Bumble: Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Impact

Lynn Sparks draws inspiration from the success and entrepreneurial spirit of Whitney Wolfe Herd, the visionary behind Bumble. While recognizing Bumble’s transformative approach, Lynn parallels Bumble’s ethos and Telos’s mission. Inspired by Bumble’s commitment to empowering women in initiating connections, Telos aims to infuse a similar spirit into its coach-led platform. Whitney Wolfe Herd stands as a trailblazer, providing valuable inspiration for Telos.

Future Vision for Telos

Telos envisions a thriving community experiencing substantial growth in the next four years. Inspired by the success stories of leading online dating platforms, Telos commits to fostering genuine connections and anticipates significant user engagement. With a focus on user satisfaction, innovative features, and a coach-led approach, Telos aims to offer a unique alternative in online dating. The startup aspires to become synonymous with meaningful connections, impacting how individuals perceive and experience online dating. Telos aims to be a reliable platform for those seeking quality connections in the digital age.


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