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This site is only going to be of interest to clients of Sport Clips. If you’re not one, you’re not getting anything from simple because the site has been designed to work as a customer satisfaction survey. And in order to fill it out, you need to input some of the information that’s included on your receipt.

So, only those who have had their hair cut at any Sport Clips store are going to find this site useful. If you’re one, then you can sign in by supplying the five digit store number that’s printed on your receipt, along with the code that goes with the stylist that cut your hair (that’s a two-digit number; you’ll also find it on the receipt, to the right of her name).

By submitting that information, you’ll then be able to sit through a survey in which you’ll get to rate everything from how well the receptionist greeted you and how tidy you found the whole store, to how satisfied you were with your new haircut once the stylist finished doing her job.

And at the end of the survey, you’ll get to write any comments and suggestions you might have. Of course, you’ll be entered into a competition to win some cool prizes such as free haircuts, scalp massages and beard trimmings.

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