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Teamelio.comTeamelio is a new project management tool that places a lot of emphasis on being easy to use. It will let you and your whole team be reminded about what needs to get done each single day, and cross items off whenever they are ready.

Users of Teamelio can set down alarms and reminders for their every task, and the fact the application can be accessed using both a web interface and via smartphones just makes keeping track of everything that more convenient. Statuses can be easily updated, and everybody can get to know a task has been dealt with the minute that has happened.

Teamelio works on the browser. You are not required to download or install anything. And there is no need for you to update a single component manually – that is taken care of for you.

Accounts are created by providing some basic personal information and defining the work environment you intend to use Teamelio on. In Their Own Words

Online Task Management for Teams and Individuals.

Why It Might Be A Killer

On your mobile, on your computer… this makes for keeping track of your every task just wherever you are.

Some Questions About

Does this work equally well on all smartphones?

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