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Stop Wasting Your Time Planning. Deploy Resources More Effectively Using Teambook

There’s simply no excuse anymore for not automatically knowing what employees are working on at any given moment at any company. Coordinating who is available to do what by phone or email or (gasp) meeting is a tremendous waste of time when tools are available to make such information available immediately.


Taking the Guesswork out Resource Planning

Teambook is an application that makes team scheduling and resource distributing simple and easy. A planning board (much like a calendar) shows what projects employees are working on at any time. This eliminates any guesswork as to who is available for new work, and it creates an instant and clear picture of a company’s overall activity.






Calendar syncing and team member alerts ensure that everyone is on the same page constantly. Such organization combined with budget and time tracking make real-time project management a breeze.


Daniela Fowkes of Aspediens says: “…it’s [Teambook] quick, intuitive and easy to use. Their design makes team scheduling easier and allows me to focus on business…”




There’s nothing more frustrating than inefficient or ineffective organizational tools. Teambook’s drag and drop booking tools facilitate rapid project development, which means more work taken on and more money earned. A system of tags and filters allows managers to find the right people for projects with minimal effort. So instead of agonizing over planning, project managers have easy access to personnel information and can monitor the pulse of workflow with confidence.


Making Life Easier for Employees Means Better, Faster Work

Teambook equips each team member with a homepage that shows them exactly the information that they need. Knowing what has to get done without fuss or waiting both speeds up work and puts an end to redundant questions.


teambook Home


Links allow workers to interact with clients as needed and keep projects advancing. Teambook also supports recording billable and non-billable hours, while functionality across platforms and mobile devices enables quick and convenient communication.


As secure as a swiss bank, as reliable as a Swiss watch, as handy as a Swiss army knife…

Like many of the finest products, Teambook is from Switzerland (in case there’s any doubt). Give any monthly plan a 14-day, free trial run. Plan sizing and pricing are based on the number of active projects managed. Each plan accommodates an unlimited number of users, which is a huge perk.


Teambook offers round-the-clock monitoring should any trouble arise. No installations or additional software are required, which makes incorporating its tools into existing workflow seamless. Visit for more information.


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