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Tasty Startups: VINEBOX – The Best Wine From A Box You’ll Ever Taste


Tasty Startups: VINEBOX


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The Craving it Satisfies

A monthly wine subscription of wines by the glass


Why it has a winning recipe

How do I say this… I’m a wino and proud of it, or, I’m an oenophile. I Iove love love love wine. I think – under the right circumstances and in the hands of skilled winemakers – all grapes are delicious (with the exception of Pinotage; maybe I haven’t had a good one, but I’m alright with that, please don’t take this as a challenge to send more my way). I adore trying new wines.


The only thing wrong with wine, which isn’t entirely wine’s fault: my budget. There’s just no way I can afford to sample all the wine I’d like to (especially now that I’m on the outside of the restaurant industry).


At least this was the heartbreaking case before VINEBOX came along.


VINEBOX is a monthly wine subscription that delivers three wines by the glass each month. The wines arrive in attractive vials, easy to pour into your glass. Wines are carefully selected (even a quick glance convinces that what they’re shipping is anything but shlock). Amazing rebottling technology keeps each wines vibrant and eminently swirlable for up to three years.


In other words: it’s one hell of an appealing subscription business. You get to try wines that the price of a full bottle – or even the price of a by-the-glass pour at a wine bar for that matter – may well prohibit you from ever sampling. And that’s just about the best news I get to share in this weekly column.


Novel take on the wine club concept, stunning packaging, reasonable pricing (from $26 to $30 depending on the duration of your subscription)… Bravo, VINEBOX.


For the record, I have not recently imbibed anything that would cause me to gush over enthusiastically, though VINEBOX may happily change that soon. Oh yeah, and they keep records of what you’ve been sent, so you don’t have to lift a finger from wine stem to remember wines you enjoy. You can add notes and retrieve info whenever. And, of course, you can order additional bottles or glasses (i.e. vials) of wines you like.


Don’t cellar this company. VINEBOX is ready to drink now.



A wine bar is coming in the mail! Three glasses of premium wine delivered each month @getVINEBOX


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