Tasty Startups: Rest Your Noggin And Let ThinkYum Plan Dinners

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Tasty Startups: ThinkYum


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The Craving it Satisfies

Help planning weekly dinners


Why it has a winning recipe

There was a time when I would have balked at the idea of paying for help with planning my weekly dinners. I used to eat according to what I was in the mood for, what I could find fresh at the grocery store each night, what I might pair with a delicious bottle of wine I’d managed to squirrel away.


Then, fatherhood happened. An insane freelance schedule replaced an unchanging routine. As things go for so many others who work too much and are pulled in a million different directions all the time, eating has become a secondary concern. There’s simply no space left in the brain, or energy left in the body, to think about cooking on a nightly basis.


There is, however, just enough juice to ThinkYum.


ThinkYum is a subscription service that provides recipes for weeknight dinners. They send recipes along with easy-to-follow cooking instructions and itemized grocery lists. You don’t have to guess about ingredients you need. You know how long it takes to both prepare and cook each dish, and you know the level of difficulty for each recipe, so you can choose according to your skill and time available.


A quick look, and I see recipes for “The Greatest Burger Ever”, “Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Tacos”, and “Vegetarian Stir-Fry”. “How hard is it to think of these on your own?” you might ask. Plenty.


When you’re running at a breakneck pace on insufficient sleep, the memory’s shelves are the first to empty. Knowing what you’re going to eat and shopping in advance is often the only way to keep the show afloat – without spending a lot to order/dine out or opting for fast, unhealthy options.


Sign up for weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly plans with ThinkYum. The longer you receive recipes, the lower the cost. While it’s tough to take the pressures out of some parts of life – work, caring for children – letting someone else handle meal planning is an easy way to reduce stress.



Not sure what to eat tonight, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…? The thinking is done for you @ThinkYumMeals


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