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Tasty Startups: Impossible Foods Serves Up A Meatless Burger That Tastes Like Meat

impossible foods
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Tasty Startups: Impossible Foods


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The Craving it Satisfies:

Not just another veggie burger, but a true veggie burger


Why it has a winning recipe:

The preceding statement deserves elaboration.


If you’re a person like me who’s waffled as a vegetarian/carnivore often (hey, we’re omnivores, after all!), you have no doubt eaten your fair share of veggie burgers. And these have no doubt ranged from absolutely delicious to downright disgusting.


Like me, you’ve also realized that you feel better when you don’t eat meat, have discovered that you enjoy a beef-free diet. Buuuuut, there’s something you just can’t shake. There’s a satisfaction that comes with consuming beef (and other animal products) that, if honest, takes effort to replicate with a vegetarian diet.


I grew up in the Midwest, eating lots of beef, and while I’ve come to love, love, love portabello mushroom burgers, black bean burgers, garbanzo burgers, I certainly wouldn’t say that they taste the same as an all-beef patty.


Which is what makes Impossible Foods so amazing. Yes, they provide a plant-based substitute for meat. (They’ll do so for meats and cheeses, but they’re starting out with burgers.) However, unlike their compatriots, their burger actually taste like a real burger.


What black magic do they invoke to do so? This from “The product is vegan, but contains heme, a molecule found in hemoglobin and other proteins that gives blood its red pigment. Impossible Foods founder and CEO Patrick O. Brown says that heme is the secret to meat flavor. Heme can be found in the roots of nitrogen-fixing plants, allowing Impossible Foods to create entirely plant-based products that look, taste, grill, and ‘bleed’ like animal meat.”


Mind and mouth officially blown.


This from the Impossible Foods website: “We look at animal products at the molecular level, then select specific proteins and nutrients from greens, seeds, and grains to recreate the wonderfully complex experience of meat and dairy products.”


Let me backtrack for a second. I’ve eaten plenty of veggie burgers that I’d hold up against the best beef burger if I were just comparing deliciousness. I’m saying that I haven’t eaten a veggie burger in the past that I would mistake for beef in a blind taste test. Impossible Foods stands apart. I can’t wait to taste what they put on the market in 2016.



If you’ve wanted to eat vegetarian but found yourself drawn back to the animal side, check out @ImpossibleFoods.


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