Tasty Startups: Find Great Dishes With Foodspotting

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Tasty Startups: Foodspotting


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The Craving it Satisfies

A mobile app for finding the best local dishes


Why it has a winning recipe

I am blessed and cursed to spend the next nine or so months living in New Orleans. Blessed because the city boasts an insane number of delicious restaurants and culinary delights. Cursed because, well, same reason.


This is a city rich with culinary history, where several places serve up their take on traditional dishes such as gumbo, jambalaya, red beans and rice. I could go on and on and on. Let’s just say that New Orleans is the perfect place to take advantage of Foodspotting.


Foodspotting is a mobile app that doesn’t just help you find great restaurants but  helps you discover the best dishes around. Wanna beeline for the nearest and dearest fried chicken joint in NOLA? Foodspotting will show you where to go – literally, in many ways.


The app gives you a wall of pictures so you can choose where to go based on what looks the most appealing. Whose banana foster steals the show? A picture isn’t the final verdict, but does provide info that’s a lot faster to swallow than descriptions… Which can be well written enough to tempt you into an establishment, only to encounter food that disappoints. See what looks worth eating.


Foodspotting also makes finding your way to the perfect dish a breeze with a handy map, so you can choose where to go based upon your preferred location as well.


Find the latest and best-rated dishes, follow the recommendations of community members you trust, share around and become an expert local foodie yourself.


There’s even a field guide to become a Foodspotting superstar. If you’re a diner more prone to follow your cravings than restaurant reviews, Foodspotting is a slick tool for satisfying your hankerings as fast as possible.


Of course, it just might be your civic duty to track down the the top 10 of any given dish and make a studied comparison. I, for one, intend to do my part (any Guinness records related to po boy consumption I should keep in mind before I set forth?).


Sink your teeth into Foodspotting at foodspotting.com or by downloading the app from the iPhone or Android.



It’s the dish that counts @foodspotting. Find the best plates of what you love anywhere.


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