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Takeoffwithus.comMany people who try clothes-free recreation agree that it just feels good. Add a wholesome attitude toward the nude body, and the experience can be very innocent.

Bare Burns was founded to provide opportunities to enjoy healthful, wholesome, and relaxing clothes-free recreation in a family environment without any appearance of shame. If you are looking for a travel agency that specializes in clothes-free cruises or destination resorts, check this site. They will be happy to refer you to just such a travel agency, owned by people they know and trust to provide you with top service at competitive rates. The people that visit this site are what some nudists call a “travel” club, but they are not a travel club in the more popular sense of an organization that arranges tours and travel, and they are not a travel agency. In nudist jargon, a “travel” club is simply one that does not have its own property. Those with property are called “landed” clubs, or parks or resorts.

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