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Take.8minut.esTake 8 Minutes is a social news platform with a difference. You see, the news that make it to the homepage on Take 8 Minutes will stay there only if they get a minimum number of comments within a specific timeframe (eight comments in eight minutes to begin with). Theoretically-speaking, this should translate into the fact that the only news gaining any kind of relevance and longevity on the homepage are these news that people are truly interested in.

There are some other elements at play too – elements that clearly give the whole site more of a game-like feel. For example, it is possible to extend the period news remain visible on the homepage by using credits. These, incidentally, are unlimited to those who try the site while it is in beta (IE right now).

Ultimately, the creators of Take 8 Minutes are trying to overcome the perceived lack of transparency that blights other social news sites. There is no easy way out of such a conundrum, for the simple reason that it is not easy to determine to which extent these things that could lessen a social site are the ones that also give it an edge. Take 8 Minutes tries to do things a little differently, and that alone is commendable. In Their Own Words

The place to make news, any news, but hey, time is running out on your story!

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site champions a different approach to how news are spread and shared on the Social Web.

Some Questions About

How long can the 8-minute period be extended? Is not such a thing going against the very essence of the site?

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