You Know What You’re Talking About – So Prove It

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever caught yourself referencing a great article you read – or working on a story or a report or a blog post – and then realized that you have no idea what the title was. Or the author. Or really anything google-able about it, other than the one point that you’re trying to make.


For me, this is a problem that happens practically every other day. I read so many things that get partially stored in my brain but then are lost in the wilderness that is the world wide web. On top of that, I’m constantly searching for awesome new content, which only adds to the overload in my head.


Tagpacker solves both the “Now let me just think about where to find it…” problem and the “Ugh, I’m so bored with all of the websites I normally check out” problem. Simultaneously an organized bookmarking tool and a newsfeed of interesting content, this new site has the potential to become the go-to tool for anyone who spends a lot of time online.





Onboarding to Tagpacker is simple – you give them your name, email, and pick a few areas you’re interested in. The site then recommends some people for you to follow, based on your interests, and once you confirm your email you’re good to go.


The Tagpacker dashboard has clean, modern design with your network outlined on the left, selected links on the right, and a newsfeed of what other packers are tagging. You can either scroll through your network or, if you’re in discovery mode, check out what popular users are sharing. Follow users whose tastes seem to align with yours in order to build up your customized newsfeed and get people following you too.


The following/social network element adds one more utility to Tagpacker: building yourself up as a key influencer. Key influencers are people in their fields who really know what they’re talking about – the people that other people turn to for information, advice, and quotes. Startup founders should aim to be key influencers because it not only elevates them personally but also their companies.


Tagpacker has the potential to be a great tool for people who are either building up their positions as key influencers or want to expand. Creating a curated feed of articles around a specific subject shows that you’re tapped into the market your company is in, letting people know you’re an expert. It also connects you to the writers who are interested in what you do as well as the potential customers who are reading the articles.


Tagpacker, then, is really a three-in-one tool: library for you to keep track of the links you love, a way to discover great new content, and a platform to build your reputation as a key influencer in your field.


So what are you waiting for? Like I said, onboarding is simple and the service is free. Get going!


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