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Second Screen Apps Heat Up The TV

Second Screen Apps Heat Up The TV

For a man who went ten years without owning a television, the explosion of the second screen market arrives with a freshness akin to hearing that intergalactic travel is now possible. “Ten years?” you ask. “Were you lost in Alaska?” Actually, yes. Lucky for me though, I’ve arrived as the cost of an amazing flat screen has fallen enough to land within my budget and just in time to witness the second screen boom. Although, I might need...

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Yap.TV is an application that can take your iPad to a whole new height of usability. Essentially, if you install it you will be able to turn your iPad into something akin to a TV set that is directly linked to the Social Web. That is, Yap.TV will let you watch your favourite shows on your shiny new iPad and browse through thousand of channels with an unprecedented degree of flexibility, and it will also let you socialize via Facebook...

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