Publisher Free – Write, Read, Inspire, Succeed

  • December 2, 2013

Everyone knows at this point that the traditional publishing industry is in trouble. Between ebooks and ereaders and the whole internet in general, the old-school paper and ink book backed by a major publisher seems to be going the way of the illuminated manuscript. While I’m definitely a little bummed…


How Writing Daily Can Improve Your Life

  • October 29, 2013

We all know that our well-being plan should include eating right, sleeping well, drinking plenty of water, and making time for your nearest and dearest. But word has it that when it comes to increasing our happiness and well being, there’s a new kid in town. Daily writing. According to psychological research…


Ukritic.com – Product Reviews By People Like You

  • March 24, 2012

Ukritic.comWe all read product reviews before buying anything, but in many cases we decide whether a product is worth our money based not on what a professional reviewer has said, but rather on what our friends and peers tell us. I think it’s a very human thing: trusting the opinion of people who are like us, rather than the opinion of someone who is earning his wages. So, a site like Ukritic is one that I bet many of you will find highly appealing.

To put it in simple words, Ukritic is a crowd-sourced product review site. People who are like you and me get to tell everybody what they think about these products they’ve bought with their own money, so that the rest of us can make better-informed decisions.

The people who post these reviews can actually earn money if consumers follow their recommendations. And Ukritic has got really high content standards, so as to ensure that only these reviews that are objective and well-written are approved.

So, Ukritic end ups being quite similar to a site like Squidoo. Yet, the main difference is that Ukritic has been purpose-built for product reviews. It’s a really interesting spin, and if you’re a good writer looking for a way to generate some sort of income then you’re strongly advised to give it a look.

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Zopler.com – Write Stories With Others

  • February 28, 2012

Zopler.comA site that aims to turn writer’s block into a thing of the past, Zopler simplifies collaboration between writers like never before. If you’re one, on Zopler.com you can get help with any story that you’ve been trying to write. All you have to do is post what you have already got on the site, and fellow writers will assist you. They can do that both by giving you their opinion, and also by actually continuing the story for you. Zopler is a site that makes for collaborative story telling in the truest sense of the word.

In fact, if all you’ve got is a title for your story then you can post it on the site, and see how that fires fellow writers up. You don’t even need to have a synopsis. A title alone will do.

And you don’t need to create an account, either. Zopler can be used by any person who’s on Facebook. Simply login with your username and password, and you’ll be ready to start sharing your unfinished works with everybody. And if for any reason or the other you don’t want to sign in via Facebook, then you can register for a Zopler account. It costs nothing.

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Howtohint.com – Write About What You Know

  • February 15, 2012


At Howtohint.com you can read articles about topics written by people who have more knowledge in them than common people. As a user, you will see that the site offers different categories through a menu where you can choose what to read about.

A lot of categories, covering from computers to music, business and cars, will give you the best insight into those topics and many more, written by prepared individuals which are skilled writers at the same time.

However, Howtohint.com will be a very useful resource for professional writers who want to showcase their work and talent to millions of readers. If you are one of them, you can apply to be part of the team of writers in the site. You can choose among different type of positions.

The application process is quite a simple one. You just need to fill an online form with your personal information, where you can choose the categories in which you would like to write about.

In that same online form you’ll be able to select also the roles in which you can work, which are article writer, article editor, title creator or title editor. As article editor you will be required to proof read the texts written by writers. The same in case you want to become a title editor.

If you happen to be selected, you will get a password to access the assignments, with the deadlines set for each one and some other details.

Howtohint has a big network of sites where the written articles will also be published (apart from the site itself), so you will get the chance to be read by millions of readers around the world.

At Howtohint.com you will see the payments for each type of work, together with some guidelines on how to write articles or edit them.

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ShortcutBlogging.com – Instant Blog Posts

  • January 26, 2012

ShortcutBlogging.comNot all the people who keep a blog do it because it gives them pleasure. Not all bloggers are aspiring writers trying to find a niche for their work, or people whose views and beliefs can only be shared on places where the mainstream has no say. No, there’s also people like CEOs who have to blog (or create podcasts) just to market their products, and to explain everybody why their offerings are light years ahead of the competition. They have to do that on top of all their other tasks and activities. And sometimes, it’s all just too much to handle.

Which brings me to this new service. True to its name, Shortcut Blogging is a service for all these people who are incredibly busy but still must keep a blog. If you’re one, this new company lets you approach the creation of posts from a whole different angle. It’s all done in a very clever way, as you’ll be interviewed by a professional radio broadcaster every month. This interview is what’s going to be used by Shortcut Blogging to create the posts for you, as every time you’re interviewed all your key topics will be covered. The interview is then going to be transcribed and posted for you in several installments, and you’ll be free to focus on more demanding things. Like running your company, for example.

Shortcut Blogging costs $695 per month, and you can cancel the service whenever you want. There are no long-term contracts involved when using this service.

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MailDiary.net – Write A Diary

  • January 18, 2012

MailDiary.netThe hardest part of writing a diary is actually keeping it up. The way it goes, other things always end up getting in the way. Most of all, you often are too tired to sit down and write all that has happened to you at the end of the day. And nothing could change that, nothing could make you come home after work feeling any less exhausted. Nothing could be more important than spending time with your family, or doing that piece of work your boss gracefully asked you to have ready for tomorrow. It seems the only way to keep a diary nowadays would be by doing it in a really casual way. And that’s what this new service lets you do.

mailDiary turns writing a diary into something really intuitive. As a user of this service, you’ll get a daily email asking you about all that has happened to you in the last 24 hours. Just by answering it, you’ll have an entry made into your diary.

A system like this one has got the undeniable advantage of working with something that we’re all in contact with throughout the day such as email. There’s just no way you would not see it. And a short, concise answer is all that’s needed to get things done. It just can’t get much simpler than this.

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ResumeWebsite.org – Create A Resume Website

  • January 17, 2012

ResumeWebsite.orgYou’ve got a tidy and neat Facebook profile, the kind that’s sure to make employers have a really good idea of what a committed person you are. And yet, you don’t get even half as many job offers as you know you should be getting. Why’s that happening? What is it that talent seekers seem to be looking for? Do they need further proof that you’re really serious and dedicated? Well, do even more than just having a Facebook profile to show them. Create a resume website, and list all your skills and qualifications there, clearer than ever. And don’t say you don’t know how to create one such site when there are resources like ResumeWebsite.org around.

True to its name, ResumeWebsite.org brings together all the information you should make a point of reading before creating a resume website of your very own. It explains what you should never omit in one such site, and it also details all the mistakes that are to be avoided.

“Three Tips for Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Resume Website”, “4 Things to Consider When Building Your First Resume Website”, “Why a Personal Resume Website Means Everything”… these are just some of the posts that you can read on this site. They’re all really easy to understand, the language that’s used is direct and clear, and you’ll certainly feel like you’ve learned something you can put in practice after reading them. There’s just no way that after going through the content featured here you’ll have no idea how to come up with a resume website of your own.

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JobWaltz.com – Get A Job Faster

  • January 13, 2012

JobWaltz.comThere’s no need for you to go through the difficult process of getting a job on your own. There’s companies like JobWaltz here to help you all along the way, by matching you with these organizations where your talents would fit more naturally. By signing up for an account and providing the company with a copy of your resume, JobWalts can find suitable open positions for you. And then, apply to them. That is, you won’t even have to apply for jobs yourself. The company’s taking care of that for you.

And as it turns out, the company’s not only going to send your resume to the best employers it can find, it’ll actually go one step beyond and write the cover letter that should go with each and every submission that’s made. You’ll just have to sit back and wait for interviews to come through. And when that happens, you can check the interview resources that are provided on the site, and hone your skills well in advance.

A service nobody could fail to find useful, JobWaltz is going to be really great if you’re looking for a job for the first time. This service takes all the barriers down, so that if you have the right qualifications you’ll be halfway there.

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Wizzley.com – Publish Your Articles And Be Paid

  • January 8, 2012

Wizzley.comThere’ll be a day you’ll feel like starting a blog, and sharing all your knowledge with the world. You’ll do it because you want to become a force to be reckoned with in the circle of your expertise. And you’ll also do it because you think there’s some money waiting for you there. The truth is that you might end up getting some recognition and respect for what you write, and helping others who need expert advice. You’ll get the admiration of some people. But not money. It happens more often than you might imagine. Just ask a representative number of bloggers. You won’t believe how many are actually making some real money. You won’t believe how many are making any money at all. And that’s why services like Wizzley are around – to give people who feel like writing a chance to write to the best of their capabilities, reach at least some people, and make some money along the way.

On Wizzley, you can become a publishing author for free, and submit your own articles as regularly as you want. You won’t have to create your very own blog, and you won’t have to worry about running it either. That’ll be taken care of for you. You’ll be free to focus on your writing, and on saying what you want to say using the best words you could ever use. And you’ll be paid for your efforts, you’ll get a permanent 50% to 60% share of royalties.

Registration to Wizzley comes at zero cost, and all kind of topics are supported. Arts, Internet marketing, sports, pets, gardening, real estate, family… it doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about, here you’ll find a ready public for what you want to say.

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Volpen.com – Write A Book With Others

  • January 4, 2012

Volpen.comImagine what would happen if you could write a book with other people, and that you’ll be paid based on the number of words that you have actually contributed to the full work. Would that make for the creation of really rich and diverse works, or would it lend itself to abusive behavior from those who just want to make some quick money, and who don’t care about the quality of what they are writing?

This new website has got the answer. Volpen is an open context for collaboration. You can write full books with others, taking care of a different chapter each. Once the book is ready, it will be printed and sold. And you and all the people who wrote it with you are going to be paid based on how many words you wrote each.

Obviously, not all of the books that are written on this site are printed and sold. No, people are asked to vote on what you and others are writing. Only if you get more votes than other writing teams will you have your book printed, and receive a royalty check for all your efforts at the end of the day.

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TakeMyJourney.com – Share Life Experiences

  • December 27, 2011


TakeMyJourney.com aims to build an online community for sharing life experiences. For making a long journey, or to tell others about your academic choices, this site may be inspiring for others by reading your experiences. Or also, you might find inspiration by reading about how some people acted about a certain issue.

Normally, we read about experiences of people who became famous because of it and published a book telling the experience. A sport achievement, such as climbing Mount Everest in record time, or a scientific discovery which changed our lives since then, will make it to many books. Of course, the latest of these kinds of cases is the late Steve Job’s Biography by Walter Isaacson. Certainly we will be inspired by his wonderful achievements in the face of so much adversity since he was a baby.

But maybe people not so famous have been wise enough to make very good decisions or learn from some experience that meant very much for them and could mean very much for someone who comes after them. So TakeMyJourney.com asks users to write down their gained knowledge, their thoughts or their choices about particular topics, so that they are available for the rest of us.

Success is not everything, though. Sometimes we all learn from our own mistakes hard but necessary lessons, and this is also good. So at Take My Journey you can tell others what you did wrong and why you think it was wrong. If you are on some crossroad about anything, you might get the chance to read why some choice you were thinking to take was not good for the person who wrote on the site.

The page is well organized with a menu to choose among many different categories which go from “Arquitecture” to “Marketing” or “Spiritual”.

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ILoveYouBills.com – Create Love Messages

  • December 23, 2011

ILoveYouBills.comSpread some loving around this Christmas with the help of a service like I Love You Bills. This site lets those who are not really that good when it comes to expressing their feelings find the best words to tell others how much they mean to them. And although the service is mainly used when dates such as St. Valentine’s come around, I seem to think that I Love You Bills is going to come in handy for any time in which all you want to do is telling others how wonderful and lovable they are. And Christmas certainly is such a time.

On this site, you are helped in the actual writing process of your love messages, and once you have every word in place then you can have the message delivered to your recipient via US Mail. No emails or faxes here, your loved one is getting a card with your words of affection on it. And that is but making your message even more impressive, of course. Such is the power of messages that are conveyed physically instead of digitally.

You’ll be billed according to how long your message is, and on top of that you’ll have to pay $5 for shipping and postage costs.

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GinQ.com – Short Movie Reviews

  • December 21, 2011

GinQ.comThis site gives you a chance to follow in the steps of film critic Leonard Maltin, and write your very own capsule reviews. GniQ is a site where you get to tell everybody what you think of any movie you’ve watched in 160 words or less. You can share that with every other user of the site, and you can also have your review shared with people on Twitter and Facebook (you actually sign in to GinQ using any of these two services).

And the site’s also great for making plans with friends and followers. You can decide which movies you’re going to watch next based on the ratings that other site users have given them. It’s really easy to tell the ones that have “Bomb” written all over them from the masterpieces.

And in case you think that 160 words aren’t enough to tell others whether a movie achieves what its director aimed for, then let me bring to mind Mr. Maltin’s timeless review of the movie “Isn’t It Romantic?”.

Mr. Maltin’s words?


There you go. Two characters. You can do it, believe me.

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Substance.io – Write With Others

  • December 20, 2011

Substance.ioSubstance is a new platform for the online authoring of texts. You can use it to write down pretty much anything. If you’re attending College, you can use it to write essays and papers, and if you aim to become a professional writer then you can work on stories and scripts with any creative partner you might have. The site can be used for free in all cases, with you being able to type your text and making as many changes as you want thanks to the practical interface that is provided. This interface emphasizes semantics over rigid structures, and (as such) only the most essential formatting options are provided.

As it stands right now, others can’t directly edit what you’ve written. Rather, they can comment on it, and you’re going to make the necessary changes based on what they tell you. But a future version of the service is adding larger collaboration capabilities, and letting other submit patches that you (as the owner of the document) can have instantly applied.

Once you’re done writing, what you’ve created can be compiled into arbitrary output formats such as HTML, PDF and ePub, and it can also be integrated into websites and applications.

Substance is open source, and it’s licensed under GPLv3.

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Shelfster.com – Online Writing Tool

  • December 16, 2011

Shelfster.comAimed at authors, journalists, bloggers, teachers, students and just any person who’s got a writing assignment to tackle, Shelfster makes for the easy collection and categorization of ideas. This new platform lets you capture everything from text snippets and images to voice notes and full web pages, and have it all stored in the same place. This collection of data is handled using a series of free tools, which are available both for Windows and Mac, and also for smartphones.

Anything you collect using this platform is called an “item”, and “items” are combined to form “documents”. And both “items” and “documents” are stored into “projects”.

Once you’ve created a “document”, then you can have it printed, exported to HTML (IE, zipped) and turned into a PDF. So, Shelfster makes it very easy to share your files with any collaborator, and have them swapped back and forth until you’ve arrived at the final version of what you’re working on.

And remember, all of the above can be done for free. Sign up for an account of your own here in order to get started.

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Fraze.it – Find Good Phrases

  • December 12, 2011

Fraze.itYou want your writing to be original and engaging? Then there’s just one thing you should do. Read, read and read a lot. Reading is the one prerequisite for becoming a powerhouse of a writer. And this is anything but a well-kept secret, really. What happens, though, is that not anybody has got the time to do that. And you might feel that reading in your spare time just to do your job better feels too much like working overtime.

Enter Frazeit. Think of it as a search engine for phrases. It indexes more than 100M of them, and the six most-spoken languages in the world are all supported. Just by picking the one you speak and choosing a category for your search query (“Generic” or “Famous Quotes”) you’ll be presented with a bunch of phrases you can use to spice up anything you’re writing.

While Frazeit is not the first service of its kind to come along (see PhraseUp, for example), it’s got a true fighting chance because A) It’s simple to use, B) It’ fast, and C) It’s free. And that’s a nice triplet any way you look at it.

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ProfEssays.com – Hire Professional Writers

  • December 9, 2011

ProfEssays.comIt can’t be helped. No matter how hard you exert yourself, way too often you just don’t have the time to write that essay for your History class, or that research paper that your science teacher demands you turn in by the end of the next week. It’s got nothing to do with being irresponsible, you just can’t find the time to write it down. And you don’t want to resort to any kind of foul play. What can you do?

Well, hiring the services of a company like this one would be a good way out of trouble. ProfEssays lets you enlist quality writers to do the job for you. You can hire professionals to write not only essays and papers of all kind but also dissertations and even theses. The process is always similar, with you having to make it clear what you want the ProfEssays team to write, and then supplying information like how many words you need your piece to have. A calculator will let you figure exactly how much everything would cost you, and how long would it take for it to be ready. It goes without saying that what you’re getting is an original piece, that’s been created exclusively for you. The company prides on its team of highly creative writers, and it abides by a strict no-plagiarism policy.

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