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9 Amazing Organizations For Female Entrepreneurs

I believe The Crave Company is great because it brings women entrepreneurs together in cities all over the world. The women who participate tend to range from work-at-home moms to small local business owners, all the way to startup founders. It’s amazing to see the cross section of ideas spreading in such a group.

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LoveWithFood Subscription Service Delivers Fun And Tasty Treats Each Month

Smoked Kachemak Bay oysters, Bouchon Bakery Nutter Butter cookies, REAL prosciutto de Parma…Whoa, sorry for the daydream and culinary tease, but I was putting together my wish list for exotic foodstuffs that might one day land on my porch thanks to LoveWithFood. If you haven’t heard yet, LoveWithFood is a monthly subscription service that delivers a box of gourmet goodies to your door wherever you might live. Each box contains...

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Who Says The Tech World Isn’t For Women?

Women in the startup world tend to make news not because of what they are doing but because of what they aren’t. Put more simply: everyone likes to write about how there are no women―or too few women―making moves in the technosphere.   So is the startup world really an all boys club or is this just another story that the media has caught onto and wants to run with?   By pointing out most tech startups are run by men,...

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