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TapCanvas – Build Mobile Apps In 60 Seconds Via Drag And Drop

TapCanvas – Build Mobile Apps In 60 Seconds Via Drag And Drop

As I’m sure is the case with you dear reader, I’ve had countless conversations with app building dreamers about what the next hot app could be if only they knew how to build it them themselves. Well, if you’re interested in building a single-use mobile app, TapCanvas has provided you with a solution.

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Tired of using a generic alarm that beeps out when anything has to be done? Looking for an alternative that is more suited to the 21st Century? Well, Zazu offers exactly that. On the site you will be able to get a talky application that will replace the alarm your smartphone comes with. And this verbal app can take care of much more than reminding you to do something in time, actually. It can read stuff to you such as the latest...

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Those of you who are the proud owners of a Windows Phone will be able to put this service into motion. You see, TouchTwit will let you take care of the tasks that we readily associate with any of the established Twitter clients like Seesmic et al. You can manage multiple accounts from a unified spot, and you can take care of basic operations like following, unfollowing and sending direct messages in a way as natural as you would...

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