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Travel Lovers Get Excited! Wikimedia Launches Wikivoyage

Travel Lovers Get Excited!
Wikimedia Launches Wikivoyage

Wikipedia is one of the greatest things to come out of the Internet. I mean, let’s be honest here. We can now all be “experts” on something just by reading a Wiki page. And, the fine folks at Wikimedia, who are part of a global mission to “bring free educational content to the world” have done it again with…

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BetaWiki is both a translation and testing platform for MediaWiki. It’s used as an infrastructure for facilitating localization of the MediaWiki project and all of its extensions. It identifies the most relevant messages for MediaWiki as well as extensions used by the Wikimedia Foundation. Betawiki supports ‘gettext’ and .po files which means it can be used by professional translators without any programming knowledge. Users can...

Read More – Wikimedia Foundation gives you access to all Wikimedia Foundation project websites, like wikipedia, wikibooks, wikisource, wikinews, wikiquote, wikispecies, wikiversity, wikimedia commons, and meta-wiki. In wikinews everyone can contribute, and every article is being written collaboratively for a large-scale audience. Published articles will appear on their main page. Wikisource is an open library which provides source texts that happen to...

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