Bear-tracker.com – Tracking North American Widelife

  • April 27, 2008

Bear-tracker.comHave you been out walking somewhere in the North American countryside and come across some interesting tracks or foot prints on the ground? Would you like to learn more about what kind of tracks are out there, or maybe even how to learn the basics of animal or search and rescue tracking. There is a web site on the internet that offers you lots of information from an enthusiastic amateur tracker.

Kim A. Cabrera also known as Beartracker invites you to view the world of tracking with them from there home page. The site guides you through all you need to know about tracking, from where to look for tracks, to how to follow them and of course how to identify the tracks of the animal you are following. The site lists everything top to bottom from the home page, it gives you lots of tracking advice, pictures, photos and information about all the creatures you can track. Bear-tracker.com

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