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  • April 19, 2008

Mwelldir.orgMinnesota Wellness Publications, Inc is a non-profit organization –staffed only by volunteers- that aims to inform readers about their health and wholeness by publishing useful, understandable and informative articles. Access to every article is totally free.

Furthermore, another section of this webpage is devoted to reviews: either companies and individuals send copies of books or even CDs so as to be reviewed and published in the webpage. There is a wide variety of these and they are divided in two categories: “Products” and “Books, CDs and DVDs”. For instance, “Products” vary from how to prevent cancer to quality food for pets; and “Books, CDs and DVDs” from books on cancer to methods for healing pain and suffering. However, that’s not all: readers can find another section dedicated to recipes. In addition, a monthly Newsletter is published and anyone can become a Health-Freedom Fighter. And what’s very important that anyone can make donations, either to the organization or to particular people who need help. Mwelldir.org

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