Who.Deleted.Me – Who Has Deleted You

  • February 24, 2011

Who.Deleted.MeWho Deleted Me is an application that does something which is largely agreed Facebook itself should do: letting you know who has unfriended you. Yes, by granting this application access to your Facebook profile you will be allowing it to look through your contacts, and send you a notification when someone has deleted you.

When you think about it, it is a bit puzzling why Facebook fails to provide a service of this nature itself. I mean, the reasons why it refuses to let you know who has visited your profile are entirely understandable ? that would violate the privacy of the other person. But letting you know when someone has deleted you? That is a different story. It is information you can find out yourself by merely looking at your social graph.

So, will Facebook one day offer a service like Who Deleted Me to its users? I think that is a fair assumption. As more people join the site, the demand can but go up. But until that day arrives, we will have to rely on services such as this one.

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