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SpellsAndMagic.com – Spells and Magic

  • September 3, 2007

SpellsAndMagic.comHave you ever wanted to hypnotize your friends and make them do funny things? Maybe cast a spell on yourself to forget about your ex or one to help you find a long lost object? SpellsandMagic.com might be the right place to visit.

This website provides you with everything you need to know about witchcraft, spells and White, Black and Grey Magic. The site creator, Puzuzu has compiled a large table of contents where you will find everything from Time Travel and Candle Magic to Numerology Reading, Pentagrams, Astral Projections and Wedding Superstitions. You will be able to learn spells to make someone forget a secret, to make someone kiss you, stop the rain, finding money and even breaking up a marriage. Finally, you will also learn how to hypnotize yourself and other people and recalling dreams.

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