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Founder In Focus: Michael Heyward Of Whisper

Founder In Focus: Michael Heyward Of Whisper

Over 3 billion page views a month. Man, who knew that we had so many secrets to share or that we would have such keen interest in hearing what we’re all afraid to say publicly? Michael Heyward, that’s who. Heyward is the Co-founder of Whisper, the mobile app that lets users post anonymously. Whispers, as…

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What if you could network with people without having to reveal any kind of personal information? What if you could message others without having to disclose your email, or even your name? Would that give you the freedom to say things you usually wouldn’t say to anybody on a site like Facebook? Or would the fact of not really knowing who’s listening on the other side keep you from using the service at all? It looks like...

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You can think of like the Twitter for people who don’t like to use Twitter. On the site, you’ll be able to share with your friends and the rest of the community. The whole micro-blogging thing is hot right now, and this site is taking advantage of it. After you create your account, you’ll be able to start adding friends who already use the service. This will allow you to start to either yell (share in the common page) or...

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