WhereIGo.com – Create Outdoors GPS Games

  • May 26, 2010

WhereIGo.comWhere I Go is a tool for the building of GPS-based games in the physical world. That is, using Where I Go you can come up with scavenger hunts and related activities that are sure to keep little ones happy for the bet part of the afternoon.

The games that can be created through the site become what are called “cartridges”, and these are freely exchanged online. This means that it is possible to collaborate with other parents and create an adventure that takes places over different stages in the very same city.

Come to think of it, using the word “games” for the activities that are created like this is a little limiting. When one talks about games, one makes an instant association with children. However, if we were to swap the word “game” for “challenge” we would be effectively broadening the scope that Where I Go has.

For instance, anybody can create a challenge that revolves going to a museum and identifying certain pieces and works that are exhibited there. In that sense, there is truly more to this site than meets the eye at first.

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