WhereToGet.It – Where To Buy Clothes

  • February 8, 2011

WhereToGet.ItWhen a service hits the public as hard as Quora did, the one thing that happens next is that copycats and comparable services for other niche markets begin to crop up. A case in point: Where To Get It.

Where To Get It (which I must make clear is not a copycat under any sense, but rather a comparable service for a niche market) is like Quora, but only that for the fashion world. On this site, people are enabled to ask where specific pieces of clothing can be bought. Each item that is posted becomes a quest, and then the ones who help the quest be fulfilled earn points. Those who garner the most points become the advisors of the week.

Quests can be posted by just anybody, anywhere. And they do not become instantly closed the moment an answer has materialized. Far from it – at least a good couple of answers per item are always featured (and very different alternatives are highlighted, too).

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