WhenWillIBeMayor.com – Learn When You Will Be The Mayor

  • June 2, 2010

WhenWillIBeMayor.comSome people have taken to Foursquare with such a passion that I guess a site like the one under review right now is nowhere as pointless as many might think. In a nutshell, When Will I Be Mayor notifies you of the number of times that you need to check in at a certain location before you are actually bestowed the title of Mayor of that place.

The way this system is implemented means that you can receive automatic updates in your inbox detailing how close you are to actually achieving such a distinction, so that you won’t have to check time after time – you will be filled in as often as you need by merely inputting the data once.

That is basically it. The fact that the service is so specific might raise the question of how successful it can become, and up to a point the scales are tipped on its favor when one thinks about how quickly Foursquare and related location-based services are spreading themselves.

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