Wheatt.com – A New Way To Bookmark Content

  • July 3, 2010

Wheatt.comTerming Wheatt the result of fusing together a search engine and a read-it-later app is the best way there is to introduce it to you. By installing the provided bookmarklet you will be capable of finding specific information within any page that you are reading, and the ability to tag what you have found will let you access the information more naturally later on.

That is, when you are on a page that you find interesting you just use the bookmarklet to add these tags that you think will let you find the information more succinctly afterwards. You can work with dates, domains, words… it is all taken into account.

Installing Wheatt is a mere matter of dragging and dropping the bookmarklet that is provided into your browser’s toolbar, and signing up by submitting an email address and a password. It is interesting to note that you are not required to supply a working email at all – just make sure to remember the password. That will do the trick. No fees have to be paid for using this service, and no other kind of information is ever requested.

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