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  • February 18, 2010

WhatTheInternetKnowsAboutYou.comIf the song “Paranoid” could make up the whole soundtrack to your life, this site will just add more fuel to the fire. It’s name is quite explicit, and also quite accurate.

Using it, you will be capable of analyzing the results of your recent browsing activity. In other words, you will find out how much the Internet has figured about you for the mere fact of having browsed it for a short (or long) spell.

The first thing that you see when you arrive on What The Internet Knows About You is a list of these sites out of the 5,000 most popular ones that you have visited recently. This list can be expanded to the 20,000 most popular sites on the Web if you want to go one step beyond, and you can eventually choose to have your full own search history revealed.

Besides (and more interestingly), you can keep track of sensitive information like which bank accounts you regularly use. The same goes for checking out which US Government or military records websites you always resort to.

Finally, you can also have an overview of these articles that you submit to sites like Digg, so that it can be said that the site will let you figure out as much as you want. How you use that information is entirely up to you.

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