Whatsuponplanetearth.com – A New Way Of Living

  • May 9, 2008

Whatsuponplanetearth.comWhatsuponplanetearth.com is a web site created to bring souls freedom by means of ascensions and energy alerts.

Karen Bishop, the web site owner, has certificates in Career Consulting, along with metaphysical trainings. On Whatsuponplanetearth.com you will find information about this way of living, energy alerts; higher realms and evolutionary processes information as well. On the cob section you will find information about building our houses with earth elements (earth, clay, sand, staw, and water), and how cob-building can place us directly aligned with the realms. How to place your cob-house according to where the sun or moon point at, and more helpful advices is available in the same section. After traveling a lot, it seems like Mrs. Bishop has discovered a different life was possible, so she created Whatsuponplanetearth.com to share her thoughts with the world. Whatsuponplanetearth.com

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