WhatsOnApp.com – TV Shows & Movies On Your Mobile

  • May 31, 2010

WhatsOnApp.comWhat’s On is an app that those who love watching TV and going to the cinema are going to find quite engaging. In a nutshell, this iPhone app gives anybody access to every bit of information concerning shows and movies – from the time the show airs or the movie starts at any nearby theater to the people who are actually involved in them, What’s On delivers the goods.

The app, then, is usable both before and after watching a show/movie. You can use it before in order to learn which time does it start, and then you can use it once the show/movie is over in order to check who was that actor (or actress) that you had never seen in your life before, and that truly caught your fancy.

Besides, you are given the chance to create a list of favorites with these shows that have fanaticized you. This list can also include movies, of course.

Right now, this app can be used by those who own either an iPhone or an iPod. iPad users are likewise taken into consideration. And the app will go cross platform soon – it will let you sync both favorites and setting across different devices.

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