Whatser.com – Discover The Best Spots In Your City

  • May 27, 2011

Whatser.comHow do you decide which spots to hit when Friday night comes around? Do you check Foursquare to see which places are better-attended? Do you log into Facebook to see what your friends (and their friends) are going to do that night? You know, all these are perfectly valid options for working out what to do on any given night. But there might be an even better way to make up your mind when it comes to which places to hit. It is named Whatser, and you are reading about it now.

At its core, Whatser is a recommendation system that lets you share the best places in town with all your friends. Whatser works by letting people build up collections in which places are arranged thematically (IE, pubs and bar go in one collection, whereas museums are put in a separate one), and sharing these among themselves.

The idea is that each person will assemble his very own collections, and that others will get to see the city he lives in through his very eyes. If there is a friend who is an outright party animal, then you will be able to closely look at these places he recommends and figure out where the action takes place. And the same applies to every other context – places to go running, places to go sightseeing… the aim of Whatser is to cover cities from top to bottom.

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