WhatPageAmIOn.com – Find The Best Keywords

  • December 14, 2010

WhatPageAmIOn.comA very valuable service for webmasters, What Page Am I On lets them realize on what page of Google, Yahoo or Bing their sites show up for any particular keyword.

This search process is carried out simply by furnishing the URL of the site to be tracked along with the keywords that apply. Reports can be seen both engine and country-wise.

And if you are new to the game and you are having trouble deciding on which keywords to use, then just bear in mind that you can get a suitable list from your Google Analytics account.

Four paid plans are provided along with a free one. They go by the names of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The principal difference lies in the number of keywords that can be tracked, and the regions that are supported in each and every case. The free plan will let you track up to five different keywords in one region.

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