WhatDoMyFriendsLike.com – See What Your Friends Like

  • December 29, 2010

WhatDoMyFriendsLike.comWhat Do My Friends Like must be one of the most direct ways yet devised to learn what stuff your friends on Facebook have been liking recently. Movies, books, music, websites… you can stay on top of all that, and know what to seek out and what to avoid more quickly. Because a fact is a fact: with Facebook standing as one of the largest points of contacts ever, more and more people simply check out what their social networking friends like to figure out what to buy or rent.

What Do My Friends Like works by using the Facebook API, and it can categorize all that people are liking in over sixty different categories. The information itself is presented to users in a neat way, as reports highlighting what has been liked (and by how many people) are produced and delivered.

In addition to the categories that were mentioned above, What Do My Friends Like will let you know all about companies, applications and not-for-profits liked by those in your social graph. Again – there are over 60 categories to choose from. Your tastes/interests are surely going to be covered.

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