WhatALovelyName.com – Baby Names Galore

  • November 19, 2008

WhatALovelyName.comA search engine that serves a specific purpose, What A Lovely Name is there to ensure that new fathers or those who are expecting will be able to settle on the right name with a minimum of a fuss.

The search process itself can be focused on three different aspects.

To begin with, you can take into account different nationalities and ethnicities by clicking on any of the “Tradition” tags that are featured. In second place, you can choose any of the existing “Dispositions” keywords in order to streamline results. In this case, you can have your pick from adjectives such as “Friendly”, “Intelligent” and “Gentle”, along with nouns such as “Leader”. Finally, it is possible to get name suggestions for your baby by taking into account celebrity names. In this particular case, you can use refinement tags such as “Hollywood”, “Musicians” and “Politicians”.

As you can see, the site is very easy to use and the emphasis is clearly on providing a concise service without delays or distractions of any kind. You can give it a try for yourself by following the link which is provided.

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