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WashGas.com – WGL Holdings

  • February 16, 2008

WashGas.comWashGas.com is the official site of WGL Holdings, inc; a company which provides gas service to the area of Washington DC.

The site provides the option to view and even pay your bills online, as well as start or stop doing business with them. The homepage is very concentrated in preventing gas accidents, and warns you that if you ever suspect a gas leak to evacuate immediately and call 911. Besides trying to grow awareness about what to do in any gas emergency, it provides both customer news and corporate information. The homepage has a beautiful design which combines red, blue and white representing the colors of our flag. The layout is quite simple and therefore contributes with in an intuitively comprehensible navigation as well as making this site further user friendly. Check it out at WashGas.com! WashGas.com

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