wet floor effect


WetFloorMaker.com – Make 2.0 Styled Logos

  • April 14, 2008

WetFloorMaker.comAccording to Wikipedia the wet floor effect is a graphic effects technique which has been made popular in conjunction with the Web 2.0 style.

It involves a gradient and often a slant in the reflection so that the image appears to be resting on a wet floor. Now WetFloorMaker is a tool which lets you create that effect within a matter of clicks, so you too can reach the height of 2.0 coolness. It’s pretty simple to implement. First, start by choosing an image and adjusting the parameters, eg, angle, height and reflectivity. From there select the colors you want to use, and the size. Finally hit the ‘generate image’ button and you’re set. You can save your image by using your right click save as feature.

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