Westat.com – Research Services

  • June 25, 2008

Westat.comWestat is a corporation that aims to provide research services to agencies of the U.S.

government, as well as foundations, businesses and state and local businesses. It includes a detailed description of this business, their staff and the ways in which they work to provide quality services. You will find a list of the many different research areas including health and medical studies, education, social services, housing, energy, transportation and environmental protection between many others. The site also contains a section that offers updated news related to this business and their services. Visitors will also find plenty of information related to career opportunities, the ways for applying for employment as well as their benefits. You can also browse for their office locations and obtain addresses and phone numbers. Visit this online site and obtain all the information you need related to this business and the services they offer their clients. Westat.com

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