WeQuit.co.uk – Quit Smoking Via The Social Web

  • March 10, 2010

WeQuit.co.ukWeQuit is a very interesting (and commendable) social networking site, as those who use it are encouraged to quit smoking. That process is complicated any way you look at it, and a social context (IE, one where your achievements will meet with approval and support) might as well be the perfect one for achieving that elusive aim.

It all begins by making a pledge when you join in. You specify how many cigarettes you smoke per day, and then you set down the date by which you want to put an end to that habit.

The site also has an active forum and a collection of videos that range from instructive materials to entirely leisure clips. Speaking of videos, contests are held regularly on the site. These include recording your own version of popular songs that are connected with the overall purpose of the site like Queen’s “I Want To Break Free”.

All in all, I found the site not only useful but also something that has been assembled very thoroughly. I would love to see something equally compelling for the US materialize sometime soon.

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