Welshare.com – Update Your Status Everywhere At Once

  • May 23, 2011

Welshare.comEver get frustrated by having to post the same status updates to Twitter and Facebook so that the way you feel is conveyed accordingly on all the social sites you use? Well, if you update things manually that is because you want. There are just lots of services for updating everything simultaneously, and more keep on being released. Welshare is one of these.

It will basically let you aggregate your Twitter and Facebook streams, and make them all one and the same. Anything you post there will be posted everywhere at once. And this service also has another great advantage, namely that it will let you use a unified Like button.

Plus, Welshare.com champions a social reputation system that can rank users by city and country. In this way, the site will let people interact both better and more – making new connections should involve less guesswork, you will get to see who is interested in the same things as you more easily than ever.

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