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Witness (D)Evolution – Tubed Video Discovery

  • February 26, 2014

What day is complete without watching the online video of an idiot trying to lure monkeys closer to his camera with food – only to have one monkey steal the camera, manage to frame a couple selfie shots, then figure out how to open (and we can only hope destroy) the $500 video camera, much to the horror…

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  • July 10, 2012

The curators of have built a cyber news website with the hopes of stocking it full of odd and interesting news stories from around the globe. The site is structured much like a traditional blog site, with posts and comments. Most of the news is divided into categories and several of the categories fall into the area of humor and entertainment more than news. But the site has been operating since 2006, and has a relatively strong following. One of the areas with the strongest number of page views is the Funny Pics category, that truly is jam packed with odd and interesting images that would make most people laugh out loud. From the Dalmatian with her 20 puppies, to the 24 carat gold plated barbecue grill, there are images that will entertain for hours. The most inviting thing that guests of will notice immediately is the total lack of advertising on the site. Unlike similar sites, there are no banner ads, no Google ads, and no hidden links in the posts. This site is just pure fun, no distractions.

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