WeePlaces.com – Measuring Your Foursquare Activity

  • August 11, 2010

WeePlaces.comThe one thing about services like Twitter and Foursquare is that they can be incredibly addictive, to the point that they prevent you from doing other things that are actually more pivotal (IE, things that you are actually paid for doing). And unless other people point them out, our social habits are often something we are not really aware of.

Well, this service will point out how much time your spend using Foursquare. By signing in with your Foursquare credentials you will be able to get a detailed rundown of the way that you behave on the popular location-based service. As you can expect, this information is presented as part of a map that is fully interactive, and that highlights these points that you spend more time at one by one.

There is not a lot more to say. My take on WeePlaces is that it is an interesting service, although it offers a functionality that I am sure Foursquare itself will provide in due time. Let’s see what happens to the site when that time comes.

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